Capability of MK Research


Mechanical Design
  • Design  for Machine, Optics
  • Piping Design
Control Software
  • Sequence
  • Windows Software
Electonic Design
  • Electronics Circuit Design
  • Logic Circuit
Data Process Software
  • Parameter Management
  • Inspection Data Management
Image Processing
  • Recognition for Image
  • Recognition for defect
Field Support
  • Start up for equipment
  • Maintenace

Total Design for System

We, MK Research, have capable engineers in above field, and

are ready to accept design, development and pre-production for

engineering solution in both of software and hardware.


Environment in MK Research for development

Mechanical Design AutoCAD, Micro CADAM, Easy Draw
Electronics Design AutoCAD, Oscilloscope and other instruments
Electric Design Mitsubushi MELSEL GPP, VT Builder
Software Development C, C++, Visual C, Visual Basic
Image Processing MV Tech HALCOM, IMAQ Vision Builder
Network LAN, ADSL
QC for manufacturing Helium leak detector, Precise Flowmeter, Welder, Machine Tools (Drilling machine, Glinder etec


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